Chairman’s message

“Promoting the Vietnamese Electric Cable industry to the world market”

“With the vision is to become the leading wire and cable brand in South East Asia countries toward the global level, Thipha Cable always pay our most attention to bring the highest satisfaction to the customers and partners, provide the safety and trust to community, also contribute our value to the Nation economy and social.”

Spending 30 years of establishment and development, until now THIPHA Cable has been known as one of the best well-known wire and cable brand in Vietnam. We have been invested in modern technology, improving product’s quality and expanding the production’s capacity to meet various customer’s requirement. We are Continuously improving and applying the world’s best management system, focus on training and developing our manpower to sustain THIPHA Cable’s development.

Stable development must be come with the social responsibility. Acknowledging this matter, we are not only performing business’s targets well, but also contribution to social and community, sharing our achievements to the Vietnamese Country and community.

With the believing in the development of Vietnam in future, Thipha Cables Joint Stock Company together with our staff, agents, supplier and partner commit to try our best to launch good quality products and service. Furthermore, we also keep improving ourselves to bring our customers a highest satisfaction together with contributing more into wire and cable industry Vietnam.