chong-chay-FIB Cu Mica LSZH XLPE trungtinh


Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) fire resistant cable, 4-cores with reduced neutral conductor, XLPE insulated, unarmoured, sheathed

  • Standards: IEC 60502-1; IEC 60331
  • Construction: Cu/Mica/XLPE/LSZH
    1. Conductor: Plain annealed copper (class 2, normal
      stranded or compact stranded)
    2. Fire barrier: Mica tape
    3. Insulation: XLPE
    4. Filler, binder and inner covering (if any): PP, PET, LSZH
    5. Outer sheath: LSZH
  • Cable identification
    • Cores: Red, yellow, blue, black (by color tape)
    • Outer sheath: orange or as order
  • Characteristics
    • Voltage rate: 0.6/1kV
    • Maximum conductor temperature: 900C in normal operation; 2500C in short-circuit for 5s max.
    • Minimum bend radius: 8xD (eight times overall diamerter of cable)
    • Fire resistant: IEC 60331; BS 6387
    • Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1
    • Acid gas emission (HCl): IEC 60502-1; IEC 60754-1
    • Fluorine content: IEC 60502-1; IEC 60684-2
    • pH and conductivity: IEC 60502-1; IEC 60754-2
    • Smoke emission: IEC 61034-2



Gas station, elevator, tunnel…

Airfield, building, apartment

Public place

Fire alarm systems, lighting security systems,

System of fire extinguishing electric pumps…

Standard: IEC 60331 IEC 60332 BS 6387, BS 7211…

Voltage level up to 0.6/1 kV