Cap nylon
Cap nylon

Copper building wire (nylon jacket)

Standards: UL 83, ASTM B3, ASTM B8

Construction: Cu/PVC/Nylon

  1. Conductor: Solid (class 1) or stranded (class2, compact or non-compact) soft drawn copper
  2. Insulation: PVC, environment friendly, in accordance with RoHS
  3. Jacket: Nylon, offers mechanical protection and resistance to petroleum by-products, chemical reagents, and oils. It is also abration-resistant, allows higher gliding and greater ease in installation.

Wire identification:

Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green … Other colors available upon request.


Rated voltage: 600V

conductor temperature in normal use:

  • THWN : 75oC in wet location
  • THHN : 90oC in dry location
  • THWN-2 : 90oC in dry or wet location



Ideal for cable tray installation, open wiring, conduits, service entrance, feeders and branch circuits. Suitable for power and lighting installations in residential, commercial and industrial establishments.